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Welcome to our website - the home of the

Bay Foundation Disabled and Carers Trust.

We are effectively THE carers association for Torbay and the surrounding area for home carers

We currently have a lady looking for care work  - If you are interested to find out her details, go to 

The Reality

Did you know that there are currently 7.5 million carers in Britain. Amongst the most urgent cases are an estimated 30,000 child carers, some as young as 9 years old who look after not only their parent(s) but also their brother or sister.

Did you know that carers allowance is a mere £53.10 per week! Whats more, most carers are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Would you do it? Whats more -  COULD you do it?

Our Ethos

Our founder, Mandy Bayliffe, was a terminally ill young mother who suffered complications during childbirth and had an incurable heart condition. The turmoil, frustrations and extreme hardships encountered by Mandy, her family and other families after such an experience are tremendous.

All Mandy wanted was for something that you and I take for granted - a holiday where ALL the family can relax together.

Our Aim

All monies raised from sales of the book goes straght to the charity which will offer a service for when the caring stops.

We will be aiming to give help and support for those who are left traumatised and lifeless from their toils of caring for loved ones who then pass on and leave a massive void which they may not know how to fill.

We tried to buy a building for years but the funding always fell on deaf ears. Indeed many of the agencies pinched Mandy's ideas and grabbed massive funds from the lottery and other places but still did not do anything constructive.

We sincerely hope that Mandy's book can make a difference and finally put her on the Map and start to show those who have never tried, just how hard caring is.

Our overriding aim is to make Mandy's wishes come true and to provide holiday/respite care for the sick and disabled, their carers and their families.

Current objectives

To continue to offer help, support and holidays for carers, their sick/disabled loved ones and children. Over the last 3 years we have already sent many families on holiday.

Future objectives

We would love to acquire holiday units around the country to enable us to continue sending families for these well deserved breaks. The first unit will be built in the Torbay area, fully equipped for a variety of special needs, including wider entrances and ramps for wheelchairs.

We run purely on the hard work and enthusiasm of our volunteers. All monies are used for the holiday/respite care that we provide.

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 Our Founder    


 Mandy Bayliffe

 "I have come to realise the
  courage and determination
  shown by carers and families
  every hour of every day.
  I would like to offer all
  disabled people, their carers
  and families, the holiday,
  respite, support and advice
  they deserve"
  Mandy's ambition was to
  see this in operation
  within her lifetime.
  Regrettably she died on
  August 28th 1994 before
  her dreams could be





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